Donna, Vice President

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Many years ago we realized that the typical printer was just not equipped to service the full spectrum of printing needs of today’s sophisticated companies, let alone their other graphics requirements. Most of the time they will try to get the job done with buy-outs, but the fact is the expertise to accomplish the task efficiently is almost always sorely lacking.

After spending many years in management for the hospitality industry, I decided that I needed a change. I liked the fact that as a salesperson my life and income was controlled only by the amount of effort I was willing to give. Being a creative person by nature, I chose printing. I spent 6 years building a clientele and I learned my trade very well. I felt proud that I had clients that liked working with me as much as I with them. I worked very hard to make sure my promises and commitments were kept.

When the plant I worked for was sold, I found that the new management’s customer service policies fell very short. Because I worried about my clients’ needs and deadlines, Resources Printing & Graphics was formed. Our business has grown every year since but when I talked Michael into joining me I felt we had really arrived.